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Taking a new path


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Warm greetings from Ligia

When we are born, we come on this world naked and ready to assimilate life and knowlage as a dry spunge, the limits being the surface and the deapth of it.

We keep learning and asking ourselves….where?  what?  how?  how long…..?  When?  do I get there… I do that….I have that…..I will be…..? and so on…

Questions are part of our life and answers are also there some times ….

This past summer my life took a beautiful turn, as rivers turn sometime to continue their journey on.

After an unexpected eye and heart connection, back in 2010 in London, me and Janne fell in love and our friendship  after 2 and half years  lead us to marriage on the 4th of August 2012 in Sighisoara .

We are very happy to share life and love together.  Janne is the man of God I had waited and pray for years. He has the beautiful mixture of a gentle spirit with a strong and mature character.

This year we decided to have a lower key for our lives in order to be able to lay a strong foundation for our marriage.

After 20 years of intense life in mission and leadership in Romania, and after a dramatic turn for my family in which both of my parents in an unexpected way went to be with our heavenlly father, we started our life as a couple in Sweden, where Janne comes from.

Im still connected weeklly though with the mission field back in Sighisoara, by serving with translation of teaching material for children lessons, networking for projects and ministry, supporting the local team and doing administrativ work.

Around 20th of December we are going back to Romania for 2 weeks, to work with Warm feet project at Metro Ministries Romania,

This project serves the children in need with warm boots for winter, and also helps those who can’t, celebrate Christmas with a bit of joy and hope in the One who is The Life- Jesus.

We will keep you up dated on our life journey.

Enjoy some of our pictures from our beautiful wedding day!

Ligia Pintican and now Englof as well-:)

16 thoughts on “Taking a new path

  1. Beautiful pictures, Ligia. Enjoy your life with Janne. Many blessings.

  2. Ce mare bucurie! mi-ai facut scumpa mea! Va doresc si ma rog ca toate binecuvantarile Domnului sa fie cu voi si sa fiti o binecuvantare acolo unde Tatal ceresc vrea sa lucreze prin voi. Va imbratisez cu multa dragoste.

  3. How lovely to see more of your precious wedding photos Ligia 🙂 So glad to hear you have found it possible to have a slower pace of life for these first important months of the marriage adventure. I am SO thrilled to hear you say that Janne is the man you have been waiting for.. I know how wonderful that feels. Thought of you a lot this year with all you’ve been through- such an extreme of ups and downs – more than any of us were created to experience! But so thankful that you come to the close of this year with a loving husband beside you, to look forward with as you face life together. Be blessed dear Ligia,
    love Chris XX
    P.S. (I’ll send an email soon with our news X)

  4. Dearest Ligia,

    We are thrilled to see your wedding pictures, and to “meet” Janne vicariously. We are so happy for you and it is so good to hear from you.

    Love you, Linda, Bruce, and Amy Boggs

  5. Dearest Ligia,

    I am very happy, that you are married now! That´s really great, that you have found this marvellous husbund. Our God is great and a reward for all those who trust in him. I enjoy your wonderfull photos from your wedding day. You looks so nice an happy. Be blessed!

    Yours Dagmar an Michael

    • Dear Dagmar, thank you, nice you had sent a comment, im so greatful to God, and know from our talks back in Amden, this was about to come one day-:) remember…..? you had encouraged me a lot than. Hope you and Michael are doing well to.

  6. My dear friend Ligia!
    So nice to hear from you and to see the beautiful pictures from the marriage! Janne must be very happy with his shining bride! You’re both glowing.
    Yes indeed you are the owner of a strong and gentle man! 😉 But he’s is also blessed with the most wonderful, strong, brave, loving and lovely lady ever met! I really admire your courage and persistence!
    I hope you enjoy every moment of the new, exiting live in Sweden!
    I have been thinking a lot on you! So happy with you! Wishing to see you soon again. 🙂
    Did you receive our wedding present? Did you like it? I hope it helps you to have good nights and sleep well! 😉
    big hug,

    /Users/guyopdekamp/Pictures/iPhoto Library/Originals/2012/31-okt-2012/IMG_0936.JPG

    • Hej Loes, thank you for your beautiful words-:) what a lady you are-:). yes we are enjoying the gift every evening almost, and we will sent a reply soon. We miss you to and long to see you all, hopefully not to long waiting for that. Sweden is nice-:) keep in touch, love from us.

  7. Hi Ligia!

    It’s been awhile since we last spoke. Your blog post carries a sense of rest and peace that makes me very happy for you. I grieved the shocking loss of your parents as the were such sweet sweet people…pure gold. Many blessings to you as you and your love discover together your new journey. Hope to see you again some day when we can have a proper sit down and catch up. Blessings. Tim galloway

    • thank you Tim, for your nice message, yes I agree it would be great to have the grace to chat again and hear more from each other’s life journey,
      maybe one day here on this part of the world or not, on the other side of the Jorden-:)
      Wishing you and your lovlely family all God’s true blessings.
      keep in touch please, ligia

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