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Water for the thirsty

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Water is the basic life ingredient we can’t live without it. For most of us is the most comon and at hand thing we have.
So used with a shower in the nearby bathroom, complaining when by any chance the water stops for few minutes or hours in case of en emmergency.
Washing mashine is a need not a luxury, just stuck the laundry in there it goes, in 40-50 minutes we hang them up, so easy, so comfortable, so normal…..Is history to wash by hand.

Imagine though to go to a water well everyday at least 10-15 minutes, to somebody’s yard and ask permission for a bucket of 10 l. That could last for cooking food, washing dishes and drinking for a day or less not taken into account laundry, cleaning house, washing carpets, or having a baby to bath or wash yourselves, for that you need more than one bucket, and how many times can you knock at the same door???
That’s how life goes for some forgetted places like Albesti Valley. Water is a luxury. Just the stream is normal for them. But that stream created an epidemy for most of the aproximative 100 kids from the Valley the priviouse summer. Children are thirsty  and can not discern, they drink streight from the stream.
Last summer with the grace of God and generousity of some good friends from Belgium and Sweden we managed to digg 2 wells in Albesti that would serve more than 50 families with let’s say ”  clean water at hand “, not as handy as the water tap, but still more accesible than 15 minutes walk to sombody else’s property.

The neighborhoodFriendsThe childrenOctavianSister and daycare momLookingMoms and babiesIm so thirstySearching for waterWell construction
DiggingThe water is therewell in albesti finalMayer's office

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