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hope & joy, cry & sorrow, beauty & ashes

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Verdictul de rigoare

Să dam un verdict nu e ușor, e usor să judecam….
Dumnezeu este sigurul care într-adevăr are puterea și înțelegerea verdictelor drepte….să putem să ne împăcăm cu inima noastra este deja un mare pas înainte, să ne așezăm liniștiți pe pernă știind ca viața noastră este în mâna Celui veșnic viu, drept și atotputernic…pe curnând dragi parinți, pentrucă timpul curge repede….


Zice că ȋi pare rău.

Tardivă, odată ce răul ireversibil a fost făcut, această mărturisire pare să nu aline nici cȃt negru sub unghie din suferinţa provocată odată cu nebunia acelei seri de aprilie. Mi se pare evident că va fi ȋnsoţit de păreri de rău pentru mulţi ani de acum ȋncolo. Şi-a ipotecat tinereţea unui nemilos cămătar: puşcăria. A fost prins. Sunt convins că dacă ar putea da timpul ȋnapoi şi-ar trăi altfel acea zi de vineri. Orice ar pune ȋn balanţă pentru a-şi justifica rostul faptelor comise, va găsi – măcar mintea asta de pe urmă i-o creditez – că nu merită.

Nu se cade să analizăm astfel de regrete. Vorbim despre un puşti confuz, rătăcit pe drumuri prost alese. Nu mă aştept să ne ȋnţeleagă. Nu mă aştept să conştientizeze dimensiunea morală a faptelor sale. Ȋnsă …

… nu mă aştept nici ca noi, cei ce

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The projects in the Fall 2014

The jewish calendar just starts a new year these days. For many years I felt right to start in fall with a new ministry year, so this is what we did and continue to do. The ripe fruits are harvested in August, sweet and ready to be used. This past summer we counted a good number of children touched by love and care as well a dinamic teens and youth group ready to learn and grow in character and responsability. So here they are beside the core brave staff team starting the new year of serving and receiving the little ones. Join with us in your prayers, coming to visit or contributing with little or more for this unpopular lives to have a different future. Thank you!

Metro Ministries România

The summer is almost gone with all its unforgetable blessings; as the school started, we are now getting back on the regular projects. Kids and adults, staff and volunteers, we are all ready to see God working in each one of us in wonderfull ways, according to the riches of His grace. And there is not so much time left until the Warm Feet preparation will start over …


It started, with a lot of joy, on 15th of September …

The little boys The little boys

Teaching time Teaching time

After school

We have 23 children registered for the program (and still counting …) coming at the program four times a week.

Lunch time Lunch time

The big kids (grades 4 and 5) The big kids (grades 4 and 5)

The little kids doing homework (grades 1-3) The little kids doing homework (grades 1-3)

SideWalk Sunday School

We continue to have these programs in Goldberich, Daneș and Hoghilag, reaching about 160 to 200 kids every week.

He holds me in His hand! (Goldberich) He holds me in…

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Water for the thirsty

Water is the basic life ingredient we can’t live without it. For most of us is the most comon and at hand thing we have.
So used with a shower in the nearby bathroom, complaining when by any chance the water stops for few minutes or hours in case of en emmergency.
Washing mashine is a need not a luxury, just stuck the laundry in there it goes, in 40-50 minutes we hang them up, so easy, so comfortable, so normal…..Is history to wash by hand.

Imagine though to go to a water well everyday at least 10-15 minutes, to somebody’s yard and ask permission for a bucket of 10 l. That could last for cooking food, washing dishes and drinking for a day or less not taken into account laundry, cleaning house, washing carpets, or having a baby to bath or wash yourselves, for that you need more than one bucket, and how many times can you knock at the same door???
That’s how life goes for some forgetted places like Albesti Valley. Water is a luxury. Just the stream is normal for them. But that stream created an epidemy for most of the aproximative 100 kids from the Valley the priviouse summer. Children are thirsty  and can not discern, they drink streight from the stream.
Last summer with the grace of God and generousity of some good friends from Belgium and Sweden we managed to digg 2 wells in Albesti that would serve more than 50 families with let’s say ”  clean water at hand “, not as handy as the water tap, but still more accesible than 15 minutes walk to sombody else’s property.

The neighborhoodFriendsThe childrenOctavianSister and daycare momLookingMoms and babiesIm so thirstySearching for waterWell construction
DiggingThe water is therewell in albesti finalMayer's office


At my childhood home….

We can never replace the childhood home. Is the place where memories are so close to us.

The childhood is our precious tresure for life.

It has been comforting to spent 5 weeks this past summer in the home I was raised and where I learnt so much from my dear parents. Just time to be there, live life, be engaged in community, work in the garden, plant flowers, cook, grill and have friends over, was a very enjoyble gift.

The home that gave our family unmessurable joy, having our parents model for us wisdom & solid faith foundations, is still the place where, we feel like, we somehow always belong.

My loving father Flowers from our gardenMy couragouse momWe all will face our sun setNew Year and Ligia& Janne's engagementWater, sun, and light house
Our chickensHousehold workFresh chickenGarden workMe and FilipGrill time


God will make the way clear- please prayer with us!

Happiness and pain are part of this life’s journey. None of us can avoid neither one. Some might have more or less from either one.

My parents knew what suffering was on this earth

– my mom was persecuted by her own family when she received Christ at 15 y old for her faith , their persecution led her when 17 y old to leave home to go to seminary.

– my father pastored churches for 30 years under the sever comunist regime of Ceausescu , builded and planted churches with high risks, baptised new believers,  in the night or cold river waters, nothing would stop them.

They also shared happy moments with family and extended church family they loved so much to be with.

Still we might never completely understand the Why”s  of their tragic and unexpected end.

In spite of the whole tragedy, God has been given us amazing grace to continue life with hope that One Day all this pain will be over, and we will meet each other on a better place, without tears and heart’s sorrow.

Part of this  earthly life path, is to deal with the crime facts of what had happened and see justice done.

This coming Friday, the 23rd November will be the first trial meeting in the Court and also the first time for us to meet the author of our parents murder and see him face to face, in this position.

Please pray with us,

for a discerning and wise Court perspective, strength for our family, clear mind and understanding for the lawyers.

May the light of God and His justice be seen in this fallen world and suffering situation.

We are to live in this World without being of the World, to be and remain light and salt .

We appreciate any simple prayer lifted up to the Throne of Grace!

Would you take  one minute to pray with and for us!

Thank you dear friends!

here is my prayer  calling out with words:

  A hymn of heart prayer

 In the mighty name of Jesus,

 in which every knee shall bow,

 Father of Heavens, yet we come,

 for your mercy  to call now,

 in this time

 to flow out, with light and wisdom from above.

Make your Name known well to us,

in the dark of days and nights.

This darkness made huge steps ahead,

to brake pure lives of yours yet,

with cruel hands and hearts of death,

without the sense of Life in them.

Please dear Father come,

make known,

the justice that is only yours,

 so no one will think or beleave,

that in vain was, the faith so deep,

expressed by those who walked in it,

the path of pain on earthly ways,

proclaiming love in your Name,

as living stones by every day.

The enemy thought now was done,

he won, and reign with lies and hides,

but just a moment that will stay,

as resurrection is the end.

And we all know, alive they are,

as your Son who reigns above.

For ever they will shine in light

with peace and love of living town,

as their place of joy and smile,

for ever!

Ligia Pintican Englof


Taking a new path

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Warm greetings from Ligia

When we are born, we come on this world naked and ready to assimilate life and knowlage as a dry spunge, the limits being the surface and the deapth of it.

We keep learning and asking ourselves….where?  what?  how?  how long…..?  When?  do I get there… I do that….I have that…..I will be…..? and so on…

Questions are part of our life and answers are also there some times ….

This past summer my life took a beautiful turn, as rivers turn sometime to continue their journey on.

After an unexpected eye and heart connection, back in 2010 in London, me and Janne fell in love and our friendship  after 2 and half years  lead us to marriage on the 4th of August 2012 in Sighisoara .

We are very happy to share life and love together.  Janne is the man of God I had waited and pray for years. He has the beautiful mixture of a gentle spirit with a strong and mature character.

This year we decided to have a lower key for our lives in order to be able to lay a strong foundation for our marriage.

After 20 years of intense life in mission and leadership in Romania, and after a dramatic turn for my family in which both of my parents in an unexpected way went to be with our heavenlly father, we started our life as a couple in Sweden, where Janne comes from.

Im still connected weeklly though with the mission field back in Sighisoara, by serving with translation of teaching material for children lessons, networking for projects and ministry, supporting the local team and doing administrativ work.

Around 20th of December we are going back to Romania for 2 weeks, to work with Warm feet project at Metro Ministries Romania,

This project serves the children in need with warm boots for winter, and also helps those who can’t, celebrate Christmas with a bit of joy and hope in the One who is The Life- Jesus.

We will keep you up dated on our life journey.

Enjoy some of our pictures from our beautiful wedding day!

Ligia Pintican and now Englof as well-:)