From Life flows

hope & joy, cry & sorrow, beauty & ashes

At my childhood home….


We can never replace the childhood home. Is the place where memories are so close to us.

The childhood is our precious tresure for life.

It has been comforting to spent 5 weeks this past summer in the home I was raised and where I learnt so much from my dear parents. Just time to be there, live life, be engaged in community, work in the garden, plant flowers, cook, grill and have friends over, was a very enjoyble gift.

The home that gave our family unmessurable joy, having our parents model for us wisdom & solid faith foundations, is still the place where, we feel like, we somehow always belong.

My loving father Flowers from our gardenMy couragouse momWe all will face our sun setNew Year and Ligia& Janne's engagementWater, sun, and light house
Our chickensHousehold workFresh chickenGarden workMe and FilipGrill time

2 thoughts on “At my childhood home….

  1. What a beautiful expression of your blessing this summer. What a pleasure it was to sit with you in your childhood home and remember to good times.

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